Month: February 2016


Hi I’m JENNY, a 2 year old dilute tortoiseshell. I was living by a grocery store on a busy road until For the Cats’ Sake rescued me. I am now a Rappahannock ‘come here’, and am so happy because I just love the countryside. In fact I’m now studying to be a Master Gardener, and have been training with HortiPaws, the prestigious school for feline horticultural training. My caregivers even give me special privileges to roam outside and pursue my studies!  The problem is, spring is coming, and I really need to study alongside a human gardener. I know I can learn...

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Cooperatively Farming

Rappahannock is blessed to have a number of farms that sell directly to the public — Waterpenny (website), Crowfoot (website), and Heritage Hollow (website), to name a few.  Besides offering sales of produce, the farms sometimes provide other services (such as CSA, plant sales, and seed swaps) which can be of use to the entire farming and gardening community. Seed swaps have become pretty popular nationwide and also here in Rappahannock.  Crowfoot Farm held its second annual swap on February 06.  Some photos from the event are below.     Kevin and Rachel Summers, at Crowfoot, wrote this about...

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A Roomful of Problem Solvers

–or– How an Overflow Crowd of Rapphannock Folks Were Brought Together By a Guy from Argentina That Most of Them Have Never Met When you assemble a crowd of Rappahannock people, you get a little of everything.  There’s an artist.  There’s a preacher.  There are many gray hairs; a lot of retired men and women.  There are churchgoers and atheists.  There’s a man from a rescue squad and a woman who teaches Latin.  There’s a farmer, a prominent man in the county.  Then there is another farmer, this one a woman who is at least as well-known in our community. On Sunday, February...

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With Gratitude to Unknown Folks

The nice lady in Amissville now has her wallet back.  The wallet, with credit cards and library card and about sixty dollars in greenbacks, was misplaced during the recent snowstorm  — the big one, with about two-and-a-half feet piled up in Amissville. The lady must have left it behind after a shopping trip.  When it was gone for sure, when the house had been searched, the car all gone through front and back, above and beside and underneath the seats, the lady gave up and the calls began to the credit card firm (smartly, she carries only one card) and to the library and to...

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Book Report: The Divine Milieu Explained

We noted elsewhere that there are discussions in Rappahannock related to the Pope’s encyclical on the environment (here and here).  Those who are following this may find it interesting to learn that one of the seminal influences on the encyclical was a Jesuit scientist who was almost excommunicated for his views and whose work was originally censored by the Catholic Church. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a French Jesuit priest and scientist (paleontology and geology) who died in 1955.  A fairly remarkable fellow.  He was a WWI veteran who was awarded the Legion of Honour for his work as a stretcher...

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