Month: March 2016

Flair at the Fair

Rappahannock Youngsters Show Their Flair at the Science Fair — Thirty-Eight Percent “In The Money” You are free to stroll happily along the hallways at the Rappahannock County Elementary School to find the classrooms of science teachers Elaine Frank and Laine Vickers.  There you may congratulate those teachers for the excellent showing of their young charges, girls and boys, at the 35th Annual Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair in Charlottesville. The two teachers escorted sixteen of their students, each with a science project to display, to the all-day event at the John Paul Jones Arena at the University of Virginia....

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United Way means nothing to Rappahannock

The United Way was once a helping hand for all the various charities in the country.  But then it became racked with accusations — its administrative charges were outlandish, its list of “charities” included silly or self-promoting organizations, its CEO of 20 years was convicted of fraud. It has tried to turn itself around, to be sure.  After all, there is much to be said for an umbrella organization that helps all the small charities survive and prosper.  But perhaps the United Way has become too rigid. It certainly seems that way for Rappahannock County. Rappahannock is served by...

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Does Francis Know?

Further local conversations on global climate change Does Pope Francis know that we fill the room just to talk about what he has to say about poor people and the climate and our responsibilities as human beings? Do you think he knows that on a Sunday afternoon seventy people in Rappahannock County, Virginia, left off whatever they were planning for the afternoon just to read a page from one of his encyclicals and then exchange such thoughts as they have in response to his views? Does the pope know that he inspires at least one among us to write a...

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Climate Change and Rappahannock

The Pope’s encyclical on climate change and responsibility started a dialogue in the County.  Beginning in February, and planned to continue until June, monthly meetings are being held to discuss the matter.  Our reports on them are below: The Pope and Rappahannock [15 Feb 2016] The Divine Milieu Explained [17 Feb 2016] A Roomful of Problem Solvers [21 Feb 2016] Does Francis Know? [13 Mar 2016] Skirting the Edge [10 April 2016] Making the Turn [16 May 2016] We Are All Over the Place [16 June...

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To Record or Not to Record, That is the Question

The issue started innocently enough.  At one of the school board meetings, member Larry Grove (Woodville) asked that his questions from a previous meeting be included in the minutes. That’s when he found out that the minutes do not keep such detail. Furthermore, as he looked more deeply into the matter, he found that the minutes record little more than that a school board meeting occurred and that a particular subject was discussed.  Not much and not very helpful. “The board currently records minutes that are available to the public and which are consistent with Virginia Code [section 2.2-3707(H)]...

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