Month: April 2016

This is Good News … isn’t it?

Just one patient showed up yesterday at the Free Clinic in Washington, Virginia. The Free Clinic: that’s the one held at the Rappahannock County Health Department on the first and third Wednesday of each month. April 20th was the third Wednesday and the Free Clinic opened on time at five in the afternoon. The clinic is staffed almost entirely with volunteers. And those dedicated folks, so generous with their time, were in the clinic before the official opening time, and were ready to greet anyone. Three volunteer citizens run the office. Two more volunteer nurses show up also. Then...

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So, How Was Your Easter?

So, a preacher walks into a cafe in Rappahannock county.  That sounds like the opening line of a joke, but this is no joke.  It is, instead, a nice story about not just one preacher, but a half dozen of them. Picture them there, at lunch in the Country Cafe in Washington, Virginia, on a bright and lovely Spring day.  The gathering is the regular monthly meeting of a fairly new group around here, the Rappahannock Clergy Association (RCA). At the meeting this week, six preachers and two guests took over the center table in the Cafe, which is...

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Update: Starry Starry Night

Jon Heddleston, now the pastor of Reynolds Memorial Baptist Church, tells the story of when he was a teacher at Wakefield Country Day School.  There were several students from other countries at the school, and each year, as the students prepared to finish their classes and return home, he would ask them what they would remember most about Rappahannock County.  One answer in particular greatly surprised him. A Japanese student responded, “Stars.” The young man told Jon that he had never seen stars before.  He had read about them, and knew of them, but thought they were largely invisible....

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Let’s Have a Meeting — A Second View

It appears there will be a meeting soon about testing Rappahannock public school kids for drugs and alcohol. The meeting, to which all parents of Rappahannock pupils will be invited, will most likely be held before the end of the school year, which is only about six weeks away. So, look for an announcement — and an invitation — very soon. The school board talked about it for more than a half hour this past Tuesday. There was no motion offered, no vote taken. But discussion, involving all five board members, was busy. Everybody seemed to have an idea...

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School Board Chair Explains Drug Testing Proposal

During the April 12th monthly School Board meeting, the board received a presentation from the Youth Advocacy and Prevention (YAP) team regarding random drug testing of students involved in extra-curricular activities. The YAP team consists of 2 teachers, 9 administrators, 2 administrators/parents, 2 coaches/parents, 1 additional parent, 1 social worker, 2 law enforcement staff, and 1 law enforcement/School Board member/parent, all active within RCPS. The presentation identified 4 counties in the commonwealth that are participating in random drug testing programs to dissuade the use of drugs and/or alcohol within the student body. Data gathered from all of our students...

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