Month: May 2016


  I know you said you need a job.  So do I.  Here’s the thing: you can be choosy about what sort of job you get, but I will not be so picky.  I need a job to do.  I need to rescue somebody, or comfort someone who is sick, or run some sheep around the pasture. My name is Quincy and my breed is Australian Shepherd.  Despite the name, we are a breed developed in the American West.  I am a bundle of energy, so no sitting around and gazing out the window.  Give me a job.  I...

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From where we live in Amissville, the view may be somewhat limited, but we can still see a rainbow once in a while, off to the west, if conditions are right just after a summer rain.  Not all of us here at the shelter even bother to look, but I always take the time and work my way over to one of the windows.  That’s because I am determined to see at least one of the bluebirds flying over the rainbow. It hasn’t happened yet, but I am only two years old, and eventually it will work out; the...

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USDA Warns Local Farmers About Climate Change

It’s not just the Pope.  Now USDA is sounding the alarm about what climate change may do to the farms in this country.  And it has a specific warning for our area. “Although the southeastern United States has not experienced as significant warming as other regions of the country over the past century, temperatures are expected to increase in coming years, with detrimental effects on crop production.  Concomitant effects of climate change on rainfall distribution and water availability place additional pressure on crop production ….” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack established Regional Climate Change Hubs in 2014 to provide information on the risks...

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Making the Turn

The Fourth of the Conversations  Washington Fire Hall, Sunday May 15th.  At last we are out from under the rain and we gather on this lovely afternoon — some thirty-four of us — for the fourth in the series of conversations inspired by Pope Francis’ On Care Of Our Common Home. [A summary of the previous Conversations can be found here.] We form into three circles, nearly knee-to-knee, as we have done each month since the first of the Conversations this past February.  You see in the room a cross-section of Rappahannock’s population: young and old, women and men, liberals...

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Fauquier’s Little Brother

Many in the Rappahannock area think of Front Royal or Culpeper as our “big” neighbor — the place we go to shop or dine.  But increasingly it is Fauquier County that is looking after its smaller brother, Rappahannock. Take the PATH Foundation, for example, which was formerly the Fauquier Hospital Foundation.  It covers three counties — Fauquier, Culpeper, and Rappahannock.  But a seemingly disproportionate share of its largess was  given to Rappahannock last year.  They gave grants to the Rappahannock School System to support mental health initiatives ($6,700), to the Child Care and Learning Center for a garden-to-table program...

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