Month: August 2016


  It is what I see in your face when I first see you.  It is what I see in your eyes and how your hands move. I will know when we make contact that we have indeed bridged the gap.  And we will know then that, as they say, we are good to go. They call me Levy, and it will take me while to become accustomed you.  In that time I’ll be worried, but will eased by our playing ball.  Let’s do that, and you can tell your two-legged friends that you have found a Black Lab who perhaps has some Rottweiler...

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The Rappahannock Stories of Rayner V. Snead The old-timers in Rappahannock and nearby counties know him as Judge Snead.  In 1952, Snead was appointed Circuit Court Judge; at the time, he was the youngest ever appointed to that bench. But those of us who listen to his stories get to know him as Rayner V. Snead, because, you see, we “hear” him through the words he put down in an engaging book about growing up in Rappahannock County, in Gid Brown Hollow. The book that Rayner Varser Snead published in 1994 is “Hollow  Boy; Remembrance of Life in Gid...

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  New Rector, Overhauled Rectory, Sanctuary and Parish Hall A very nice new kitchen in the Parish Hall.  A new arrangement of bedrooms and baths in the Rectory; a new layout in an old building to accommodate the new Rector.  New electric wiring, patching and paint in the Sanctuary, as well as new heating and air-conditioning. Those are the headlines of the remodeling story of Trinity Episcopal Church in Washington, Virginia.  The main building it still solid, ever since it first went up in the 1850s. Ideas for the large project began to form in 2006.  The church folks knew they needed...

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  Once more, volunteers from Rappahannock County provided Camp Fantastic with a spectacular late afternoon and early evening event for children, ages 7 to 17, who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Held annually for a week since 1983 at the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center south of Front Royal, Tuesdays have traditionally been Rappahannock’s day at Camp Fantastic, and so it was again on Tuesday, August 16, 2016.  Medical staff and volunteer attendants from the National Institutes of Health were on site providing medical care as needed, but the aim was to let the kids be kids, to dance...

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The French Lieutenant’s Woman, by John Fowles Sometimes our book club keeps up with the latest, but sometimes we try out a classic.  Classics are usually a good idea, and this time was no exception. Published to great acclaim in 1969, The French Lieutenant’s Woman is set in England in 1867, the year of the Second Reform Bill.  The First Reform Bill of 1832 had extended voting rights to wealthy males; the Second went further, extending them to virtually all English men.  The monarchy, under Queen Victoria, was gradually losing power, as the House of Commons gained.  The class system...

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