Old Rag Gazette is an online magazine centered on issues of interest to Rappahannock County, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.  It is named for the signature mountain nearby in the Blue Ridge chain.  The magazine is completely run by volunteers and contains no paid advertising.

The magazine is a multi-contributor blog and is currently in beta testing, so please forgive us for problems you may find in its format.  We are an independent, grass-roots publication with no real staff reporters or editors.  We are dependent on readers and contributors for our content.

Old Rag Gazette is a volunteer effort.  We value your ratings and comments on our posts, and we encourage you to provide an article or two if you feel like it.  If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please contact us.  We would be especially delighted to hear from representatives of the many community organizations.  This is a chance to share your insights, knowledge, and opinions.

Anyone may post in the magazine, subject to our Statement of Principles below.  We invite you to do so.  Any topic that is germane to the area is fair game.  We value quality content, adult discussion, and neighborliness.  All viewpoints are welcome.

Our Statement of Principles is as follows:

  1. There will be no cost to read or contribute items or to otherwise participate in the Gazette.
  2. We will include articles and comments that are of interest to the area’s citizens.
  3. We will highlight certain articles and comments which our editors believe have a wider readership.
  4. We pledge fairness to all, and we will seek fairness from all who participate.
  5. We pledge transparency on our part, while requiring the same from others.  All articles and comments must include the name of the author and his/her town of residence.
  6. We pledge independence from outside interests, large or small.
  7. Our editorial board will endeavor always to provide comprehensive and thorough editing, with a mature approach.
  8. We will not attempt to publish every article or comment submitted.
  9. We will not accept postings that we deem to be insulting, trivial, self-promoting, aimed at personalities, poorly supported, immature, or otherwise not befitting responsible adult conversation.
  10. To submit an article or comment in this magazine, a person must provide their name and email address.  We will post your name with the comment or article, but not your email address.  Otherwise, we will not provide this information to any outside group.
  11. This is a widely-open, evolving, volunteer effort.  We are open to suggestions on how it might be improved, and we encourage the community to participate in it.  

The Editorial Board for Old Rag is as follows:

  • Jim Blubaugh, Washington VA
  • Jed Duvall, Amissville VA
  • Larry Grove, Woodville VA

If you would like to contact the Editorial Board, to send us a comment or question, or to send us an article for posting , please do so below.