It is often said that the housing situation in Rappahannock is such that County employees, particularly teachers and deputies, can’t afford to live here.  When discussing whether there is affordable housing in the County, this is a potent argument.

Reality may not bear it out, however.  A review in 2013 of the addresses of all school employees showed that 83 percent of them reside in Rappahannock County.

This number includes staff and aides as well as teachers.  Further, it does not reveal whether the housing is adequate, or whether it is of such a nature that it encourages our teachers to seek jobs elsewhere.

It also does not reveal preferences.  I presume that there will always be some employees who would prefer to live elsewhere, in order to be closer to family or a more populated area or for any number of reasons.

The issue of adequate affordable housing in the County deserves serious discussion.  But on this point, at least, the information must be checked out to find if it is currently true.  We will ask the Superintendent and the Sheriff’s Office for more up to date information, along with any related observations they may have.

by Jim Blubaugh, Washington