The Lions Club has been testing kids at the elementary and high school for sight and hearing problems for years.  But until now, it’s been difficult to do so for children too young to recognize letters and numbers.  The same has been true for intellectually disabled adults.

That is all changing.  For the third year in a row, the Lions are providing sight testing for children at the Child Care and Learning Center, and have offered the service to the child care program in Sperryville and to the children in Head Start.

The machine is remarkable.  The child sits on the lap of a parent or teacher in a room that is a little darker than normal.  This allows the child’s eyes to dilate.  There are small colored lights on the front of the Pediavision camera.  The child has only to look at the lights for less than a second, and the machine captures an infrared photo of both eyes.  The information is diagnosed and the results provided in a few minutes.

The Pediavision machine can diagnose seven different eye maladies and provide an eyeglass prescription if needed.  Significantly, one of the diseases it covers is lazy eye disorder, a problem that is severe by adolescence but which can be cured if discovered in early childhood.

Parents of small children can bring their children to the Child Care and Learning Center for the testing, even if they are not clients of the Center.  The Lions provide the testing for free.  The next testing will be on Thursday February 18.  To find out more, or if this date has passed, contact any Lion, or Lion President Yogi Bear on 675-3495.

by Jim Blubaugh, Washington VA and proud Lion Club member