The Old Rag Gazette’s a simple creation.

We’re making a place for adult conversation.

This is the place for a digital forum

where 24/7 just one is a quorum.


We’ll keep it mature, grown-up and polite

exchanging opinions by day and by night.

Perhaps you’ve a thought, a view to share;

put it down in concise words, send it right here.


We’ll take a look and make sure it is civil,

go over it fair & keep out crazy drivel.

In this Gazette you’re likely to find

views of all sorts, thoughts of all kinds.


You might be wrong, you might be right,

either’s okay, but you must be polite.

Have you an idea about Rappahannock’s future?

Or maybe some other planning conjecture?


Perhaps you’re thinking about some new rules

or maybe the health of our public schools.

We’re assembling good writers, an industrious team

to offer some essays on the whole county scene.


We’re after new thinking, thoughts we can steer by

including Rappahannock and counties quite nearby.

We are left and we are right, and also in the middle;

transparent and plain need not be a riddle.


So welcome, good friends, now don’t be so shy!

All thoughts and all comments will hereby apply!

by Jed Duvall, Amissville