It’s time to say goodbye.

Old Rag Gazette started a year ago.  There were two of us, Jed Duvall and myself; we hoped there would be more.  We wanted to develop a modern way whereby people in our rural area could communicate thoughts and information among each other, in a way that was polite and that embodied our rural roots.

An electronic community magazine, if you will.

It ended up looking pretty good.  And our readership was pretty good, also.

But it has been difficult getting people to contribute.  Only one other person came forward, Don Audette; he provided interesting little bites of local history.  Otherwise, we received many compliments on the magazine, and many people said they would consider writing an article or two.  But, alas, there was nothing.  Thoughtful folks are often reluctant to speak.

So, at this point, Jed and I will now bid our readers a fond farewell.  It has been an enjoyable and enlightening experience for us.

We’ll leave the site up for a while in case there are articles you’d like to read, then we’ll take it down permanently at the beginning of the new year.

Jim Blubaugh, Washington

Jed Duvall, Amissville