We want to be rural.  We are becoming backward.  Not the same.

At the first meeting of RappAtHome, discussion centered on ways to make it possible for residents to live into old age in Rappahannock.  The top three things noted by the group as necessary for older citizens were cell phone coverage, high-speed internet, and transportation.

The trouble is, these aren’t things needed just by older folks.  They are needed by everyone.

Lack of cell phone coverage makes it very difficult for fire and rescue squads to respond in the best way possible.  Businesses are hampered and won’t locate here because of poor internet capability.  Many students can’t stay after school to participate in extracurricular matters because there is no transportation available to get them home.

We are becoming backward.  This is not the image of rural life that most of us wish to nurture in Rappahannock County.

The Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator should take immediate action to bring these three items to the County.  It may mean that our taxes will rise, but without them, our standard of living is definitely going to fall.

Jim Blubaugh, Washington