We may have a new critter in the area, one that the Economist magazine calls “an extraordinarily fit new animal spreading through the eastern part of North America.”

It’s called the coywolf (pronounced coy-wolf), and is genetically one-tenth dog, one-quarter wolf, and the rest coyote.  It is bigger, stronger, and more adaptable than the coyote, and probably also smarter.  According to the Economist, the animal’s range has encompassed the entire American north-east, urban areas included.

One local hunter reported seeing a pack of seven coyote-type animals together, in the Little Washington area, as recently as November 2015.  Since coyotes normally hunt alone or in pairs, unless hunting large game, it is possible that the hunter spotted a pack of coywolves.

You can read the full Economist article here.

Jim Blubaugh, Washington