Rappahannock Stories

When Bob Dennis died just over two and a half years ago, what died with him was the Dennis Gap.

Let me explain.  Bob Dennis was a genial and industrious man who lived on a farm outside Flint Hill and who was devoted to preserving land in Rappahannock County.  Indeed, much of the land that is now protected by conservation easements in the county enjoys that status only because of Bob’s determination.

At the memorial service for Bob Dennis, the Dennis Gap was described.  The Dennis Gap is an interval of time.  Calculated usually in minutes, sometimes
hours, or fractions of hours.  (No one was so particular as to measure The Gap in seconds.)

Now, to The Gap itself.  This period of time begins when a buyer has completed the purchase of land in Rappahannock County.  The clock starts when settlement in the lawyer’s office (or at the bank) is completed and the clerk takes the paperwork to the court clerk to record the change in ownership.

The Bob Dennis Gap is the time between that purchase and the time the telephone rings and the friendly voice of Bob Dennis says, “Do you want to put your land in conservation?”

by Jed Duvall, Amissville