I hear some of you humans call yourselves ‘cat people’, and prefer cats to people.  I find this fascinating, because I’m a ‘people cat’ and prefer people to cats!

Unfortunately, I’m stuck in a shed with a bunch of cats at the moment.  And although I tell them where to go all the time, they are still here.  Clearly it’s up to me to get myself relocated to a more ‘human’ environment.

Having said that, the cats I room with at For the Cats’ Sake are a pretty nice bunch (for cats), and they put up with my tortoiseshell moods or tortitude, so I shouldn’t complain — but I do.  I guess I’ve learnt all cats are not bad, and I’d be willing to share my human with one or two other cats, and maybe a dog.  I was actually roughed up by some dogs, and that’s how I ended up here.  Animal control picked me up and since then I even had someone adopt me and they were going to pick me up, but then never came…  I just hope someone else will fall in love with me and really take me home next time.

by Miz Tortie, as told to Frances Sip, Flint Hill