Mark Russell Comments at the Little Washington Theatre…

Comedian Mark Russell filled the house this past Saturday night at The Little Washington Theater.  He makes it a habit to visit Rappahannock in the Fall and not only fills the house, but brings down the house with his unique act playing the piano and talking about politicians.

As usual, Mr. Russell was very funny and the Rappahannock crowd enjoyed it immensely.  As is his practice, at the close of the evening, he conducted a presidential-election poll by way of applause, and Trump appeared to earn all of two votes.

That’s right: only two people in the packed hall applauded the Republican nominee.

Russell’s mention of the name of Clinton brought on what sounded like the remainder of the crowd, some 150 persons clapping and shouting and whistling.  A one-sided result.  Well, the Trump crowd is not made up of Mark Russell fans and thus were not much in evidence at the Saturday night performance.

But it is what Mr. Russell had to offer about America and Christianity earlier in the evening that sticks in the mind.

Mark Russell kids everybody; he is an equal opportunity insulter, always in jest.  However, he seemed serious when he roamed into thoughts about America being “a Christian nation,” as he put it.  “If America truly was a Christian nation,” he said, “then on the morning after the nine-eleven attack (on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon) President George W. Bush would have gone to New York City and picked up a bullhorn and announced that America was going
to pray for the Muslims and offer forgiveness.”

This was not one of Mark Russell’s many, many funny expressions.

It was serious and before you knew it, he was back to the jokes. Leaving one to wonder what the Christians really think.

by Jed Duvall, Amissville